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Teacher teaching students robotics

Texas Middle School

2100 College Drive, Texarkana, Texas 75503
903.793.5631    |    Fax: 903.792.2935

Sixth Grade Center @ Texas Middle School
2015 Kennedy Lane, Texarkana, Texas 75503

Texas Middle School sets high standards to ensure that each student is academically successful and socially developed by offering a wide range of opportunities beyond the regular academic and extra-curricular activities. Students have the opportunity to explore, investigate and pursue their interests and aptitudes through career academies that focus on Innovative Design & Exploration of the Arts (IDEAs) and Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).



A Leader In Me Campus


Julius Anderson

Franshicka Banks-Brown
Assistant Principal
7th Grade

Ashleigh Bridges
Assistant Principal
Special Populations

Romegan Ford
Assistant Principal
Student Services

Ocie Hanes
Assistant Principal
8th Grade

Jeanna Morris
Assistant Principal
Staff Services 

Jami Renner
Assistant Principal
Learning Redesign

Erica Stephenson
Assistant Principal
6th Grade

Krystal Willis
Assistant Principal Special Programs
& Campus Behavior Coordinator



Grades: 6 thru 8    Student Enrollment: 1,361